Friday 11 October 2013

More images for the Actionaid women protection centres

I never knew how much some women go through until i visited the Actionaid Womens Protection Centres in different parts of the country. Here are just a few of the inerviews that i had while away on this assignment with the Actionaid recently.

32 years old Mrs Margaret Achayo, thought that peace will finally come to her homestead after Uganda’s most wanted rebel group left the Northern part of the country little did she know that she would have to walk 22 kilometres a day to her garden in Amuru District.
The mother to 5 says immediately her husband died in 2012, her brothers in-law chased away from her marital home, which was owned by her husband and she didn’t have anyone to turn to. It is alleged that her husband was poisoned.
Trouble began a week after the burial of her husband when the brothers in law turned against her. She sought refuge at her uncle’s home 22 kilometres away. She says before Actionaid came to her rescue, she didn’t have access to her garden but now she has full control of the land and the house though she is still not ready to go back and live near her brothers in law.